02 Zach Puchtel – Authenticity, Self Love and The Power of Asking for Permission

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Zach Puchtel on the One and Only with Mark ShapiroIs being authentic the key to maximizing potential? How about living a life of fulfillment?

This is exactly what this show is all about.

My next guest is the One and Only, Zach Puchtel. Zach is a graduate of Harvard University, philosopher, public speaker, spoken word artist, writer for the Huffington Post and author of Freeing the Being.

Zach focuses on the evolution of mankind through the transformation of the individual. He is also launching a solo career as a creative artist ‘Galt’.

Today we dive into vulnerability, overcoming fear, the value of getting uncomfortable, being present and much much more.

Let’s welcome my second guest and friend of twenty years, The One and Only Zach Puchtel.

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Show Notes:

  • Who is Zach Puchtel
  • Zach’s definition of authenticity
  • How the pressures of society, culture and conditioning effect authenticity
  • Big guys can be soft and also ballerinas! Oh my!
  • The connection between flow and vulnerability
  • The power of intimacy
  • The importance of being tactful and open
  • Zach’s journey with his truth
  • The benefits of asking for permission
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Burning Man.. and why it’s the coolest place on earth!
  • What Zach’s passionate about and why he considers himself a seeker
  • Grow from being comfortable being uncomfortable

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  • Who and what is Galt?
  • About Zach’s closet hobby… Freestyle rapping!
  • Why we should get rid of limiting beliefs
  • The capacity of shifting your mindset
  • Is Zach a Superhuman?
  • The connection between emotional stress and our health
  • Zach’s serendipitous moment (Hint: Involving injury & hospital. Say what?)
  • The importance of epiphanies, self-care and self-love
  • How we should all be selfish to ultimately be supportive of others!
  • How Zach’s self-love is most apparent when he’s pursing his passions
  • The best conversations are usually when you LISTEN
  • Why Zach feels being weird is a huge compliment
  • Vision.. and why we all struggle without it
  • When you have discipline you get what you want
  • A special rap from Zach about authenticity!!

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