Do you feel challenged to be yourself, or express how you really feel due to life’s external influences, pressures, & circumstances?

This powerful & thought provoking 2 -2.5 hour authenticity workshop addresses life’s challenges & obstacles head on, as we delve into what it means to be authentic & how to live in synchronocity with who we are, how we feel, and what we want most.

Created & facilitated by Mark Shapiro (Host of The One & Only Podcast).

In this workshop you will:

-Celebrate the unique gift you are to the world

-Assess your life today in relation to your greatest dreams & aspirations

-Work closely with Mark Shapiro & a group of inspired & inspiring individuals to explore/discover the best authenticity practices (whether you want to make major changes, seek greater balance, have fun, or simply see what Mark’s authenticity workshop is all about)

-Have the opportunity to ground yourself & make declarations about the life you are committed to living; leaving the workshop clear, empowered & motivated to create tangible results (in the areas that are most important to you!)

In this workshop you will not:

-Be fake

-Feel like you need to please your parents, spouse/partner, or anyone else

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