25 JuVan Langford – Re-Defining Manhood & Having What You Came For

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The One and Only - JuVan Langford

JuVan Langford is a man with a mission, and that mission is to redefine what it means to be a man.

He shares his inspiring story of going from foster care to being brought up by mentors who showed him unconditional support. He’s living his dream now and is determined to get what he came for.

So let’s give it up for The One and Only, JuVan Langford.

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“When I stand for what I truly want, than I can have what I came for.”

Show Notes:

  • How JuVan was a former foster kid
  • What the world would be like if more men embodied integrity and honor
  • Learning to be alone and find out what you want to do and who you want to be
  • What authenticity is for JuVan
  • The one thing that he was most ashamed of in his life
  • JuVan’s childhood and how mentors showed him the way
  • The national male teen empowerment tour that he is starting next month
  • The difference between being a man, and being good at being a man
  • How he established the Mentour and what it is all about

“If more men stepped into their authenticity, the world would be a more incredible place than it is already.”

  • The three affirmations that he has on his wall when he wakes up every day
  • The fears that he has about his goals
  • Why JuVan is a big advocate for mentors
  • About his YouTube Channel Thought Life
  • Why he wants to mentor the millennial generation
  • About JuVan’s grandmother and what he learned from her
  • How his internal conversation has changed and why it is constantly evolving

Truth Challenge:

    1. When was the last time you cried, and why?
    2. What does your romantic love life like look like today, and is it line with what you want?
    3. What makes you uncomfortable?
    4. What’s your perception of death?
    5. When it’s all said and done – what will the top paragraph of the JuVan Langford Wikipedia page say?

 “Be unapologetic when asking for support.”

Links Mentioned:

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Favorite Quotes:

“It’s a journey, it’s the process that we have to learn to respect, and I’m learning that when I stand in what I truly want, than I can have what I came for.”

“Everybody has opinions of what and who we should be. It’s about spending time alone with myself and really digging deep, asking those uncomfortable questions. What am I here for? What  do I want?  How do I see myself?”

“How do I use the current moment, versus allowing it to use me?”

“You take you everywhere you go.  You’ve got to fully love yourself.”

“You can’t be authentic if you’re held back by that one thing that has control of you.  Grab that wheel back.”

“There’s being a man, being good at being a man, and then being a good man.”

“Step into your dream unapologetically.”

“Whatever the problem, mentorship is the answer.”

“Some have a strong will and some have a strong will not.”

“Our emotions are real life feedback.”

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