03 Jenna Phillips – On A Mission to Heal the World Through Empowerment and Self Love

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Jenna Phillips on The One and Only with Mark Shapiro

Jenna Phillips is a wellness philosopher, certified holistic lifestyle coach, personal trainer, Pilates/spinning instructor, founder of Im On A Mission and co-founder of We Are Team I Am. She is a transformational coach on a mission to help people be their best, most empowered authentic selves.

Today, we talk about our how our thoughts, manifestations and reality combine. Jenna opens up about a traumatic experience she is now using for the greater good. She also shares a dark secret she’s never shared publicly before.

We get tips on how to go easier on ourselves in times of stress and how to support loved ones in times of need.

Now let’s get real with The One and Only, Jenna Phillips.

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Show Notes:

  • Jenna’s journey to where she is today
  • Jenna’s vision from Mission Possible to I Am On A Mission
  • The story behind the body love movement, We Are Team I Am
  • How to align purpose
  • Controversy, image, photoshop and authenticity
  • Dreaming of a non-shaming world
  • Letting go, being committed to health and self love
  • Jenna’s definition of authenticity
  • On her personal struggle with depression and substance abuse
  • The accident that changed Jenna’s life
  • Where I AM began…
  • The importance of changing obstacles into opportunities

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  • How Jenna developed Type 1 diabetes
  • Why we should change our habits to create a shift in our lives
  • A challenge for you today… Write yourself a Love Letter!
  • External obstacles faced in her professional and personal life
  • The benefits of having a supportive, loving committed partner
  • Turning around the yukky word IMPOSSIBLE to IM POSSBILE
  • How her outlet and therapy comes from being a spinning instructor
  • Jenna’s joy supporting children in a Mexican orphanage
  • The crazy diversity between the developed and undeveloped world
  • Yes… She is a Beliber! Yes.. She love’s music that elevates us… Listen to EDM!
  • The unique serendipity behind Angel No. 57
  • How we can spread the message of love and empowerment
  • Jenna’s love for people who have turned their pain into purpose

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